VST Effect Piconizer

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Download(Latest Version 1.1)



Piconizer is the free VST Effector to be transform to “pico pico sound” like NES sound.
(Piconizer is an effector, is not a sound source.)
Piconizer provides 6 type sounds.
(Sine wave is not sound of the NES.)

  • Sine wave
  • Square wave
  • Triangle wave
  • Saw wave
  • Noise (Long cycle)
  • Noise (Short cycle)


Piconizer operate as VST PlugIn,
So it Piconizer need VST host(Applications that can be read VST plug-ins).
It also does not correspond to the input of the bass or chord at the moment.
Recommended to use on a single note and range of midrange or more.


Downloaded the Piconizer, unzip the compressed file, please put a piconizer.dll to VST PlugIn folder .
(VST PlugIn folder depends on the VST host you are using.)




  1. Effect
    Effects that are currently in use will be displayed.
    Displayed a following menu on click, and can change effect.
  2. Control Panel
    Knob for operating the sound. Display of this part depends on the use effect.
  3. Volume Slider
    Output volume.
  4. Power Switch
    Can change the original sound and effect sound on click.
  5. Reset Button
    volume or knob on the control panel will return to its default state on click.


(Screen of the parameters is slightly different by the host to use the Piconizer (This is when used in Reaper).)

  • Volume
    Output volume.
  • Power
    Move to the left edge the Handle on slider: change to the original sound.
    Move to the right edge the Handle on slider: change to the effect sound.
  • Effect
    Change effect sound type.
  • Mix
    Ratio from original sound and effect sound.
  • Depth
    Effect depth.
  • DutyRatio
    Square wave’s duty ratio. It makes sense only if selected square wave effects.
  • Tone
    Square wave’s tone. It makes sense only if selected square wave effects.
  • Steps
    Triangle wave’s stairway step count. It makes sense only if selected triangle wave effects.
  • ShortNoiseType
    Short Noise sound type. It makes sense only if selected noise(short) effects.
    (can use from version 1.1)

Effect Type

  1. Sine Wave
    Sine wave. This sound like a tuning fork.
  2. Square Wave
    Square wave. Display the DUTY knob and TONE knob on control panel only if selected this effect.
  3. Triangle Wave
    Triangle wave. Display the steps knob in control panel only if selected this effect.
    STEPS knob, you can control the number of stages of the stairs of the triangle waveform.
    NES’s triangle waveform isn’t pure triangle form, like a stairway shape.
    This parameter can control their stair step count.
    Default value is nearly a NES’s triangle waveform stairway step counts.
    This parameter maximum value is pure triangle waveform.
  4. Saw Wave
    Saw wave.
  5. Noise(Long)
    Long cycle noise.
  6. Noise(Short)
    Short cycle noise. Display the TYPE knob on control panel only if selected this effect.
    (can use TYPE knob from version 1.1)


  • Q1:Have to latency at real time playing.
  • A1:please change Audio driver to ASIO. maybe reduce latency.
    Install free driver “ASIO4ALL” if Audio driver not supported ASIO.
  • Q2:Sound is skipping.
  • A2:Please change buffer size of VST host .

Change Log

Version 1.1 : Add parameter to Noise(Short) effect.


Version 1.0